The Hacker



NSC Code Name: H8X0Rz

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National Security Council Briefing

Little is known about the self-proclaimed computer genius ‘H8XoRz’, but he is to be considered the NSC’s top priority.  For months the NSC has been monitoring internet forums and tracking his movements, but we have always been a step behind. Rumor has it that he has the ability to hack military satellites responsible for our nuclear arsenal.

Finally a breakthrough – we have located what we believe to be one of his main bases of operation.  You and your fellow field agents are tasked with confirming his ability to control our satellites and bringing H8XoRz in by whatever means necessary.   


  • High heels do not play well with uneven floors; plus they are against NSC regulation DC.1432-1, so please do not wear them!
  • Nothing in this room is scary – unless the end of the world will keep you up at night.