Raiders of

the Lost Temple


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The year is 1936. You and your group of eager treasure hunters arrive in a tavern in Toluca, Mexico to rest your feet after several days of trudging through the densely packed forests of Mexico searching for undiscovered ruins. You overhear a table in the tavern discussing how one of their own has just “vanished”. You hon in on the conversation at the next table. “I’m telling you the truth, I’ve found the lost temple of Quetzalcoat. It is still in pristine condition and has never been opened”. We must approach with caution because Jimmy just “vanished” I tell you.  It has to be the curse of Quetzalcoat–if we can get in it, we will have riches beyond anything you could imagine. 

Will your team be able to solve the mysteries of the lost temple? Will the artifacts bring you fame and fortune? Are the artifacts cursed and will bring you misfortune and despair?

Explorer’s beware

  • Those with asthma may be bothered by small amounts of water vapor; erm, I mean spooky temple fog.
  • High heels are not appropriate temple-exploring footwear!